Rouleau loops can be made from your fabric, sized for your chosen buttons and spaced to fit the opening of your garment.

Rouleau loops are made from the customer’s fabric to their specifications. Loops can be spaced traditionally, close but not touching, or to fit the opening of the garment.

Loops are cut on the bias so a decent sized piece of fabric is needed to include a selvedge edge. As a guide, 30cm x 50cm of fabric will make approximately 10 buttons and matching loops.

The loops will be sewn into fine interfacing ready to insert into the seam.


Eyelets are available in a variety of colours to match your fabric, as well as the usual gold or silver.

The inside diameter of the eyelet is 4mm and the outside is 7mm.

The position of each eyelet should be marked on the face of the bodice placket which should be interlined to make the eyelet secure.